Streeter's Favorite Shirts

Viva La Evolucion

This is probably the best joke I've ever come up with. It started as a painting before BustedTees asked to make it. Apparently this shirt is very popular with scientists and nerds, so if you know one of them, buy it! Also available in poster-form.

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Finders Keepers

Another one of my favorites. This one did not start life as a painting because I am far too sh*tty a painter to pull this off. The original joke was going to be something with Columbus but there wasn't really an iconic image to drive it home. Plus, I like the mix of patriotism and arrogance that comes with claiming the moon as our own. I mean, we did get there first. So..

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Irish I Were Drunk

This was not my idea but I really wish it were. I know what you're thinking, Street, it's Christmas, not St. Patrick's Day! But come St. Patty's you're going to wish you had a great shirt to wear out to the bar and puke all over. Let this be that shirt!

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