JISM – a vulgar slang term for semen (also jizz or j-spray)
Rumbletum Bear and Tricky Duck saw that the dead prostitute's mouth was caked with Old Mister Owl's jism.

The Welsh painter Dafydd Morgan was touring the United States in 1849, exhibiting his new series of portraits. Each of the portraits featured somebody from the village where Morgan was born. The paintings also featured an original style, dominated by white, translucent smudges throughout each piece.

During a question-and-answer session in Philadelphia, Morgan was asked if he had a name for his original style of painting, to which he responded, "It's Smudgism." This was invariably misheard as "It's my jism," due to the accent. The meaning of the new word "jism" was understood from the context of the dirty, dirty foreigner and Dafydd Morgan was tried for offending the sensibilities of the aristocracy, was found innocent, but was summarily stoned to death anyhow. The paintings were burned, but the word "jism" remained, presumably because it is the only word on Dafydd Morgan's tombstone.

(Self-Portrait of Dafydd Morgan from Degenerates of Wales and Their Art by Meinwen Whorehouse)