Tomorrow night (Thursday) everyone at CollegeHumor will be staying up all night, making videos and chatting on a live webcam for the CollegeHumor All Nighter!

But hey, why are we doing such a crazy thing when we clearly could be doing much cooler stuff? Because we realize a lot of you guys are up late, cramming for finals and need a little break. That's why we're putting off all of our other cool plans! For you!

It's definitely not because we have nothing else to do. That's crazy! We have plenty of cool things to do!

Anywho, starting tomorrow at 9PM and going until Friday morning at 9AM, we'll be making Hardly Workings, live chatting on a cam and giving away all the extra garbage we have lying around our office. Hey, you love garbage, right!? So grab some Red Bull, steal a few Ritalin and get ready to pull an all nighter with us tomorrow night starting at 9!

And, again, we could totally be out doing really cool things. We're just doing this for you. We want to be very clear about that.