It's here! The night you've been waiting for since yesterday! It's…

The CollegeHumor All Nighter!!!!!11!!!

So, what's going on tonight? CHILL! We'll tell you if you'd just shut the f…sorry, we're all a little stressed. Anyway, here is what's going on tonight.

  • Videos – We'll be making 14 videos in 12 hours. We'll be posting them here on the front page and in /videos, so make sure to check back every hour-ish, on the hour-ish!
  • Live Chat – The CollegeHumor staff, friends and characters will be stopping by our webcam to chat live all night. If you have questions, you can tweet them (make sure to add #collegehumor, or we won't see it). You can also login with your facebook or twitter accounts here to join the conversation.
  • Free Stuff – Hang out in the live chat or the front page for chances to win garbage! We've got props from videos we no longer want as well as actual prizes.
See you at 9PM EST!
And see you again at 9AM when we're all tired and mad at each other!