Will I get left behind if I'mforgotten? How many days will I lose if I attend a community college, with noplan in site? Will all my college fiends laugh at me for not finishing at thesame time they do? When will this community college get awesome? -I think never…

The main point I am willing to discuss with you today, is, in fact, graduation is a pivotal point in a young person's life, will he get shunned from the community he grew up in? Will his parents still love him, when he's out on the street begging for food? (His father, while passing him on a street corner, will say to him, "You should have stayed in college, but it was lovely tosee you again, here's a morsel of food for you bye.")

If he would have remained in community college he would have a normal, yet boring, life.  Yet he misses the original college he did attend, in unforeseen circumstances, he could not return. When asked, to a passer by on the street, if he failed in life, she simply retorted,"Who? That kid? I don't really care why should, I?"

"But you're my eighth grade teacher! Of course you care about a fellow pupil! Corect?" He begged.

"In Idaho, we as teachers, are only supposed to get you ready for life, and insure you would be, all set for life, by the time you'reout of the 8th grade, plus you should have studied harder, and college is overrated, just get a job, you can do that."

When he returns back to his cardboard shack, he sees a sticky note, tagged on his wall, 'You do not have enough credits to graduate, and we need more money for next semester. Better luck next time.' He sees the evil grin of the bookkeeper reaching out their palm for more greenbacks. He looks up at the rainy sky and ask, "Why have you forsaken me?!" He pleads, to the sky shaking his fist.  A car drives' by, splashing him with muddy rain water that was accumulating in the gutter, he does agree, now, then with the saying, the teacher had said long ago, 'college is overrated'.