Steve Jobs said: Tired of using hand-powered machines, and are you interested in quickening the pace on your factory. Then the iSteam is just the thing you need. This revolutionary product from Apple can be used in all factories to run by itself, so that you don't have to use your own power. With room for one piece of coal at a time, this thing will still need people to fuel it 24/7, so you will still get to work your employees to near-death. Speaking of near-death work, the iSteam also comes with exciting applications like the Labour application. The Labour application lets you calculate how to get the most out of your workers while paying them minimum wage or below, driving your employees to poverty and starvation, while you have all the benefits. Work will never be better, with the iSteam!


Steve Jobs said:
Tired of too high taxes, and not being able to deciding anything yourself? Fret no more because with Apple's new revolutionizing iDeclaration you will be free in no time. With the iDeclaration it has never been easier to write the perfect declaration that will declare exactly what you need it to. You can also check out the exciting game "TAXES!". A game where you have to raise the taxes in 13 colonies as much as possible without getting them mad (HINT: it's impossible). Our tests show that the iDeclaration is so good, that the effects of it should be permanent, if it is not we are sorry, we were so excited to get this product on the market, that we didn't have time to test it properly. It is also possible that there might be some minor difficulties in the beginning like wars with thousands of casualties etc.


Steve Jobs said:
With this new revolutionizing iEnlightment from Apple it has never been easier to get information. The iEnlightment lists not only all the information you want to know about society and how to live your life properly, but it also features all the gossip and latest quotes from the aristocracy. The iEnlightment also comes with a step-by-step guide on how to behead people because our research strongly suggests that beheading is going to be the next big thing. With the iEnlightment you can also try the funny game "Versailles", where you get to play as one of the royal people living in the Versailles palace, and see just how great a life they have. Just remember that it is only a game, because your life will never be that great, since you weren't born in the right family.


Steve Jobs said: So your country has reached capitalism, great! Now the next step is the proletarian revolution. What? Are you confused about when you are supposed to revolutionize? Well, now you don't have to be anymore. With the new revolutionizing iMarx you will know exactly when to start the revolution. The iMarx has the latest technology that allows it to keep track of exactly how much the bourgeoisie is dominating the proletariat, and will change from "not yet" to "now" when they have crossed the line. We should note that due to the financial concerns we are only producing 300 iMarxes ever, so not everyone will be able to get one. We should probably also note that due to the market the price of an iMarx is a bit above what a member of the proletariat makes in a year, so it will probably only be available to the bourgeoisie. We do this with a good conscience as we believe that the iMarx is worth its cost and because we think it is going to revolutionize the country. Hopefully.