So let me get this straight.

They were LOST because the plane was LOST, but they thought it was found with the decoy bodies but it was actually still just LOST. There was that one dude at the beginning who LOST his sense of surroundings and got sucked into that engine – one of the many who LOST their lives on "LOST." There was the smoke monster, who definitely LOST his cool, and that's when they first LOST the non-"LOST" logic. The appearance of polar bears is what first LOST me. At the beginning, Locke LOST his wheelchair, after he LOST the use of his legs. Of course, all the flash backs LOST time and mainly existed to show all that the "LOST" characters LOST before they LOST themselves on the island. Walt LOST his dog, but then his dog was never really LOST, ever. Sun and Jin thought they definitely LOST the baby, and Rose LOST her cancer, so the island may have you LOST but is it a bad thing? They LOST some of their audience when they got LOST in other time periods, and little Ben LOST his life, but big Ben was still just an asshole who at some point LOST the will to keep his "daughter" alive, who was originally LOST by Rousseau, who LOST her mind. At some point, the show LOST two characters to actors' criminal charges. Hurley never LOST any weight, but he LOST Libby, but does Hurley lose anyone? You know, since Hurley LOST his marbles and talks to dead people who apparently are not LOST but still on the island?

After this final season, ABC will have LOST their number one show and will have LOST viewers with their sad attempt to replace LOST "LOST" with "Flash Forward." And so far…I'm LOST. You're probably LOST on my article about being LOST on "LOST" so you are LOST on "LOST" LOSTness….LOST!