1. Easy. Make sweet love until you simultaneously climax.

2. Hey baby, did you not go? Oh fuuuuudge. Haha. Um, let me kiss your neck and apologize.

3. Okay, no worries, I'll use my hand… Just as good. Just as good. Ok, girrrrl, my fingers are gonna feel erratic and desperate because I'm so afraid that if I can't get this done I'll look inferior to you when compared to other men. Damn sexy. I really thought you went when I did.

4. Nothing? Wow, you icy bitch. No, no. I'm messing with you. Dang, no. Okay, I'm gonna go down on you, baby. It's hard to breathe so don't mind the muffled snorting noises I make.

5. Are you close? I could do this all night babe but I wanna know if you're close. Haha, I'm mad tired. Cause I climaxed before and pretty much just wanted to crash. Ha.

6. Spoon me for a hot one, bunny. I wanna whisper sweet nothings in your ear. I'll get you next time baby… You know you make me go crazy.

7. Uh-oh, hey look who's ready to go again all of a sudden. Just got my second wind, birdie. Let me get in there and immediately ejaculate. My bad, girl.