Tim: alright Rob, I'll have that expense report on your desk ASAP (clicks tongue and points finger gun with index finger AND middle finger)

Robert: AHH MY GOD

Tim: What, What is it

Robert: Just be cool man, just put it away and nobody has to get hurt, nobody has to go to jail

Tim: Put what away JAIL! wha-

(Robert dives under table)

Robert what are you doing, get out from under there, I have know idea what you're talking about

Robert: Put it away!


Robert: (sobbing) Just put it away, please, put it away

Tim: Alright, it's away?

Robert: (comes out from under desk holding shotgun)

Tim: Whoa, OK, that's a gun…. pointed at me

Robert: Donald Funkhauser is not one to be out done

Tim: I can think of two things wrongs with that sentence. one: your names not Donald and two: you either used that phrase incorrectly or you think that i had a gun aimed at you at some point in time

Robert: Tim can i ask you a question……

(Long Pause)

Tim: Oh, you want an answer?

Robert: it would be nice, thank you

Tim: mental note; no rhetorical questions with Robert

Robert: It's Donald, YOU DUMB FU-

Tim: YES, you can ask me a question

Robert: Do I look like a one day old baby?

Tim: Again you're saying the phrase wrong, and I've forgotten why that might be a relevant question

Robert: let me jog your memory my young babe. You claimed to have not drawn a firearm in my office, but i have proof, ROLL IT PERSEVILLE!

Tim: Who is Perseville and where do you expect to play this video, there's no T.V. in here

Robert: Just give me a second here (fumbles around behind desk) I can see the switch…. alright here we go. GET THE LIGHTS!

Tim: You talking to me?

Robert: No of course not I'm talking to my dead uncle Perseville who haunts this office and is forever indebted to me as a supernatural personal assistant slash minion



(Lights dim)

(Projector plays)

"Alright Rob, I'll have that expense report on your desk ASAP"

(Projector stops)

Tim: Wait, wait, wait is this all about THAT. A finger gesture!?!?

Robert: Oh yes, you think you're so smart huh, but i know your secret. I know why you never type with the proper fingerings or salute, because you might shoot something.

Tim: (sweats) Alright, so you got me, but who's going to believe you.

(Both men turn around to see Mort standing in doorway, Robert raises his shotgun to aim at Mort)

Mort: (laughs nervously) I-I-I'm heading home a little early Rob

Tim: If I'm going down your going down with me Mort (raises left handed finger gun to Robert and right hand to Mort) I'm so sorry

Robert: it doesn't have to be like this

Tim: Are you sure?

Robert: No, I'm pretty sure we have to die here

Mort: No, we end this now, like real men. Raise your Fingers

(everybody raises finger guns)

Robert: 1

Tim: 2

Mort: 3!!!

All: PEW! PEW! PEW! PEW! PEW! (flailing arms)

Mort: (last standing, raises finger to own head, cocks thumb back and fires)