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"let's split check, haha, dynamic duo unite; power of exactly half the check"

"or we could split it into thirds and you take 1 and a half thirds


Bill the Mathematician: "that was absolutely delicious. I've never had such a good halibut before, and believe me I've had a lot of halibut"

Meagan: "ha ha, is that right?"

B: "ha ha, no no I'm just kidding"

M: "oh"

B: "Must have been expensive"

M: "Yeah… maybe"

B: "Like really expensive"

M: "…."

B: "So that's why I propose that we split this mother and each pay a fair amount each"

M: "Um.. O-OK so what do you propose, we each pay for the meal we ordered?"

B: "Oh of course not, that would be grossly unfair. Especially considering the fact that you felt the need to order the lobster, Which is obviously valued at way more than the halibut. Therefore it would just be un-chivalrous of me to let you pay that on your own, Despite the fact that womens' rights movements across the globe protest against being dependent on a man. (include sentence with "paradigm"