Scotland, 2010. Two guys are walking around a frozen lake.

Calum: I'm telling you. Celtic is definitely the best team there is.

Ewan: No way. Rangers is the best team.

Calum: Alright, let's make a bet then. If I can throw this rock closer to that duck house in the middle of the lake, then you will agree to the fact that Celtic is the best team, and if you throw it closer than I will agree to the fact that Rangers is the best team.

Ewan: Deal. I'll throw first.

Ewan throws a rock that is pretty close to the duck house. Ewan breaks of a branch on a tree and uses it to test if the ice is solid enough before going out to his stone.

Ewan: Alright, your turn.

Calum throws a rock that is clearly going to go closer to the duck house. At the last minute Ewan starts sweeping the ice in front of the stone with his branch, making the stone go long.

Calum: What are you doing? That's cheating?

Ewan: No it isn't?

Calum: Yes it is.

Calum punches Ewan to the ground and they start wrestling. Suddenly Calum stops.

Calum: Wait a minute. This could be a sport.

Ewan: Wrestling is already a sport.

Calum: No, I mean throwing rocks on ice to see who can get closest to the center, and then sweeping the ice to make the stone go either faster or slower.

Ewan: You're right! Let's get a piece of paper so we can write it down before we forget it.

Calum gets a piece of paper out of his pocket and starts scribbling. They both make up rules as they go along eventually forming the sport 'Curling'.

Ewan: Wait a minute. What are we doing here? Are we actually inventing a sport about sliding rocks across ice and SWEEPING!

Calum: When you say it like that it does sound incredibly boring.

Ewan: Want to go to the pub and get a pint instead?

Calum: Sure, let me just burn this piece of paper first. It would be very embarrassing if anyone found out we almost invented this boring game.