So I found myself at my friends apartment drinking with a couple of friends. The evening was very chill compared to what it usually is considering it was only a monday night. After a couple games of chandeliers we all started to aquire the drunken munchies. My buddy, Matt, owns a bridge card so he always stocks up on pizzas and just cheap frozen meals. After demolishing two Jack's pizzas we decided that was not enough to satisfy our drunken appatiet. I looked for some more food in the freezer and found myself some Snapp's Mozzarella sticks which spiked my drunken interest at the time. I grabbed them and was about to start preparing these delicate little sticks of cheese. But before I could endulge my self Matt said, "STOP!! Those arn't mine man." So with my swift thinking I decided to find out how I could aquire these myself. I looked on the back of the box and came to find a 1-800 number. I gave Snapp's a little drunk dial and it came to a voicemail. When a drunk comes across a voicemail it never turns out good. I should have hung up the phone but instead I was prepared to leave a message. It came to the beep and I started to talk but before I could open my mouth to speak I was interrupted by Matt and his barrage of sex noises. I started to laugh but knew that I had to be professional for this to work. At least I thought I was being professional. I started to tell Snapp's that their Mozzarella sticks left me very dissapointed after I had eaten just one or two. I told them that instead of being crisp and filled with melted stringy cheese, that it was full of crap and hard shit. At my drunken state at 3:00 AM this sounded very professional and convincing. On top of that while I was talking all you could hear was sex noises and fake orgasims from all of my friends. After I was done with the voicemail I yelled at Matt and all of my other friends for messing up my wonderous voicemail. So two days later Im sitting in my dorm room and I recieve a call from some number that I don't recognize, so I let them leave a voicemail. I pull my voicemail up and I hear a woman say " Hi Blake my name is Karen and im calling back from Snapp's. You called the other night about the mozzarella sticks I just wanted to touch base with you and see if I could send you a coupon to make up for it. Again im sorry and if you would call me back at 1-800…. and leave your full name and address then I will send you a coupon ASAP." I will be calling Snapps back to get my free Mozzarella sticks as soon as I find myself in that same drunken state.