As hundreds of news vans armed with satiellite feeds lined a cliff above a beach in Oahu, people waited for hours for an earthquake driven tsunami to pummel shorelines across the Pacific as far north as Russia.  Cameras rolled recording events of a relatively inactive surf, when suddenly a noticible ressession of water began on one of Hawaii's quietest beaches, a sure sign of an oceanic disturbance.  The wave came with less than awsome force but did manage to topple and nealy drag into the water an abandoned yellow beach umbrella. 

No more waves were seen in the next few hours as millions of American television veiwers and thousands of already booked corporate tourists feared their "no refund" hotel reservations would soon become a reality. Luckily no lifeguard chairs were damaged.  As news personnel left the site in disgust having hoped to get the better scope and with the tsunami warning called off, bathers returned to the beach, the temperature a comfortable 78 degrees and potential travelers, though sympathetic with Chilian population, sighed with relief.