Let me tell you about our crew. We work 14-hour days. We haul equipment up six flights of stairs. We argue with location owners to let us keep shooting. We argue with each other and make up within a two-minute span. We race around town for forgotten art. We make pressured actors feel comfortable. We make background actors feel worthwhile. We have no sick days. Our vacation time is usually unanimous or not at all. We are masters of the tight rope walk between artistic vision and compromise.

Every time I reach the end of a shoot week, I want to cry. It’s something in between exhaustion and raw appreciation for the people that I work with. – Sam Reich

Still interested? Here's what we want from a Production Intern:

    * Previous production experience
    * Enrolled in a related major or coursework
    * Extremely reliable and great work ethic
    * Ability to receive college credit
    * Willingness to learn and work with a team
    * Residence in, or within commuting distance of NYC (Manhattan)
    * Coolness

Here's what you'll get to do:

    * Be involved in the pre-production and production of all videos
    * Help out in the office and on set
    * Be a crucial part of a small team where every member counts
    * Everything from scouting locations to finding a last-minute Philosoraptor mask.

Want in? All you need to do is send a polite cover letter and resume to chtvinterns@gmail.com.