I've never written an article of any sort before, so i apologise in advance for the poor quality and i don't know if anyone's going to read this but i want to get it off my chest.

So i was browsing videos on YouTube the other day and i came across this house music video, and i've got nothing against house music per se, but this was just constantly the same sound over and over and over ( You know that real deep pumping music you get in gay night clubs and such….you know the one i mean ), anyway i left a comment saying..

" How is this considered music, it's just noise"

I thought it was a fair criticism of the video…but 3 people took exception to my comment.

Comment 1 – " Suck my ten inches you piece of shit "

I beleive it is highly unlikely this young fellow has a ten inch member for the simple fact that his name said "Jimmy1996"- so i gather that he is 13 or 14 ish and scientists will tell you that it's impossible to be "fully formed" as it were by that age, let alone being 4 inches bigger than the average male penis.

Comment 2 – " Why ya be hatin on da vid you no notin bout great tunes ya pussy
you tink ya a big man hidin behind ya computer dont ya id kill ya if i found ya cuz i aint 1 to be messed wif ite HOUSE MUSIC FTW

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE SUCH BAD GRAMMAR! I mean seriously, im not the best speller by any means but this guy is something else.

If any of you actually understood comment 2 , you will all agree with me that it's a gross overreaction to my previous comment. And i had know i idea what HOUSE MUSIC FTW meant, so i asked my girlfriend and she informed me that FTW means for the win….i might be wrong but i thought you had to be competing against something else to "go for a win"… Just sayin "/

And finaly Comment 3 – "I'll come to your house and rape the sh*t out of you, you gay ass homo"

Now i might be a bit naive, but isn't he technicaly the homosexual if he's the one doing the raping…..he'd be the one that chose to rape me…so obviously he would find me physicaly attractive or else he woulden't have chose to rape me (so thank you for the compliment dear internet user)

why are people so horrible on the inernet?. I know it sounds like something your grandmother would say, but i really think you should treat others the way you would want to be treated ( eeerrrmm heads up, you probably should ignore that if your into sado masochism ) and i think that is even more relevant when on the internet because your never really sure who your talking to, you could be talking to a child for all you know.

I know there are a lot of nice people in the REAL world, but honestly, everyone i come accross on YouTube seems to have some real horrible things to say. I always ask my friends what they think of these people, and they always say the same thing "Their just some fat 40 year old virgin that tries to make other people feel as bad as they do about their own lives" and its sad to say, but their probably right.

I know it's hard to do when their hurling abuse at you, but you should pitty these people not get angry with them….i've done it in the past….i've returned abuse at them, but i finally figured out that it dosen't get you anywhere, you should just leave it and get on with what your doing because no matter what kind of abuse you hurl back at them it will never ever be as hurtful as how their life has turend out.

¬†And thats why i tend to stick to the CH website these days, it just seems to be a more relaxed place and just a general niceness to the people (freaks – but the good kind)… there might be a few "EPIC FAILs" and the odd "I've wasted 5 minutes of my life" but other than that it's pretty cool.

Soo i hope someone reads this just to see if anyone shares my oppinions, and if you don't well f*ck you!

Just Kidding =)