Welcome to the America's Hottest College Girl 2010 Bracketology report. Yes, it is that magical time of year when everyone’s NCAA bracket has been busted by Kansas, Syracuse, or Kentucky and we’ve all turned to CollegeHumor’s America’s Hottest College Girl Contest to lift our spirits. Sixty-four of the hottest college girls in America have provided us with galleries of pictures so sexy that not even Myspace or Facebook can be considered this creeper friendly.


North Bracket: Last year the north region was ruled by the K’s and this year it’s the L’s. The two Lauren’s from Purdue and Notre Dame respectably might be the odds on favorites. But remember this is March Madness and at any time it’s possible they may get Harangody’d out of the tournament. If you are searching for a small school Cinderella it might be the beautiful Laura from Crystal Lake. In the end, I predict Lauren L. to be victorious.

 Prediction: Lauren L.






West Bracket: Strangely absent from the west region is a girl from either USC or ASU. There is a huge representation from the state of California. Barbara, Kristy, Cina, and Crystal all hail from Cali. The Community College goddess Rachel T should be the choice in this region but I expect a big school powerhouse to knock her off before the Final Four. But, don’t overlook the gamer in the region. This may lead to a lot of pickup lines along the line of: Hey Kaci, what’s your gamertag?

 Prediction: Cina L.






South Bracket: The South is the strongest region in the tournament this year. There is a tremendous matchup of Kristen vs. KateLynn in the first round with both competitors worthy of the final four. You can count on one thing; the winner of this matchup will be the best challenge to take down Rebecca. However, beware if Nikki from Kansas can avoid the Bill Self-portrait curse because she also could be victorious in this region.

 Prediction: Rebecca K.






East Bracket: In a battle strong enough to take down the state of Pennsylvania faster than Ben Roethlisberger at 2am, we have a matchup between Ashley and Montana from Penn State. I went back and forth on my prediction for the matchup and after much deliberation I decided that Ashley gets the slight edge. And looking ahead, do not be surprised if Ashleigh vs. Ashley is an epic Elite Eight matchup.

 Prediction: Ashley Y.





 Good luck to all the girls in their quest to win the title of America’s Hottest College Girl 2010 and good luck to all the prognosticators in their quest to be $500 dollars richer. From what I hear if you play your cards right, you might win something worth a lot more than $500. This article is in no way representative of the views or opinions of CH staff.