Although there's some signs of a recovery, it's still a tough economy and there's always room for a few new habits of ethical ways for saving and surviving:

1 – Floss is overpriced. Use yarn.

2 – Toothpaste running low? Hold both sides of the base and have a roommate or significant other, with their thumb, firmly push the bottom…this can make the tube last for at least an additional week. Once the thumb produces no more paste, use scissors to cut open the container, you'll be surprised how much is still in there.

3 – Avoid the 3 C's: Cabs, Cocktails, & Covers. Why cab when you can walk for free? Did I really just spend $13 on a rum & coke? That's 1.79 Chipotle burritos (NY price). Covers were for college.

4 – Turn off the heat in every room, except for the bathroom and live only in there. You can sleep in the bathtub and you’ve got both a toilet and fresh running water.

5. Go into Bank of America everyday, use a pen, and forget to put it back.

6. Go to the lost & found counter at the library and say you forgot your black umbrella.

7. Start a Cult. There really aren't any major costs associated with doing this and as you grow older, you’ll be well taken care of. Remember that Boy Meets World episode?

8. Sending stuff to your friends in other big cities? Put it in the bottom of a Bolt or Mega bus and have them pick it up when it arrives. Suddenly that 30-pound package you were about to send is free. Don't feel bad, the bus was taking the journey anyway. If anything, you've gone green.

9. Take doggie bags to your friends dinner parties. Tell them you liked the food so much, you want to take some for later…they'll be honored.

10. Bring your own toppings when you go out for pizza; A quality dinner out, with the at-home costs.