Like the majority of you I will be attending Cal Arts this fall. However I happen to be from Hawaii, which means I will have no friends at Cal Arts. So, in order to prevent an awkward transition phase I will be holding auditions for new best friends on September 7 through the 10th. Keep in mind these auditions are not limited to drama school students only. Actually you do not even have to go to Cal Arts; however students of Cal Arts will be given preferential treatment. 

All individuals interested should have one contemporary monologue that demonstrates the type of friend they will be. If you think any of your other talents or abilities might strengthen your audition please do not hesitate to share them with us. * Do not forget. Bring your Head shots, resumes and letters of recommendations. 

Note:* Currently, the individual who is portraying my black friend on Maui is traveling to LA for college as well. So, he will be maintaining the role of Black Friend for the time being. Qualified individuals of African American descent should not hesitate to express interest in the event that space becomes available.

Roles Available:

ADHD Male: Required: Must bring with them a legitimate prescription of Adderall. Age range of 18-19. 

Token Asian: Must be below 5' 5". Required: Recent IQ test results and College level Calculus Credit. Knowledge of a martial art would be awesome. 

Bromantic Interest: Must be a total bro. He must always have my back similar to the Riders of Brohan at Helms Deep. They should have training in witty banter, and hilarious antics. Sexuality can be questionable.

The Super Virgin: Female. 17-19. Actresses auditioning for this role must be prepared in making situations overly sexual, all the time, yet totally by accident. Actress should have specific characteristics that make them extremely attractive to men. For instance, flexibility and/ or limited gag reflex. The actress must keep her chastity belt on at all times and remain sexually inactive for the duration of this role. Otherwise, she will be replaced. 

Estranged Friend: 18-19. Male, tall, lanky, and socially awkward. Must be able to commit to a minimum two years of friendship, and a maximum of three. During the third year, you will be expected to find a girl who accepts you for who you are, and will be reduced to limited contact with myself.

Douche Bag: Male. 18-20. This role requires long flowing hair. A basic understanding of the guitar. A burning passion for Nickelback is mandatory. * The individuals auditioning should also be prepared to present either a spoken word poem or a song. Whichever best represents how deep they really are.

Arch-nemesis: Male 18-19. This role requires you to independently keep up to date with important political headlines and fabricate a strongly-worded, extremely-liberal position based on the first paragraph of the article. Must be able to improvise and make grammatical and factual errors at crucial times. Should be well versed in killing moments.

Note**Due to the difficulty of this role, prospective actors may audition as standard "douchebag" characters.

A mistake: Female. 18-19. The Actress should be prepared to look portly and homely. Must be sexually inexperienced, and religiously involved with God. Actress should have training in being ignored and regretted. 

The Failure: Male. 18-19. This role requires the individual to smoke weed every day. Eventually he must develop a hard core drug addiction. This character will have to drop out of Cal Arts and become a homeless man on the streets of LA. 

*I am open to the possibility of adding a character of Jewish decent to my entourage, so all Hebrews and Shebrews are welcome to audition.

Supporting roles available:
Hot chicks: Depending on their performance, actresses portraying “Hot Chicks” have the opportunity to gain a leading role as the Girlfriend. 

Confidence Man #2

I would like to thank all of you who are auditioning. Preemptively apologizing to all who do not get cast. It just means I did not want to spend time with you. There was nothing you could have done about it; the other people who auditioned were just plain better than you.

Thank you,
Hayden Ezzy