MW2 Reactions
No matter what you use for a weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Players always have something to say about you using that gun. When playing this game just assume you are noob to everyone else no matter how good you are.


FAMAS How the hell is that a one shot weapon! What a noob

AK-47 – Fall camo…….Really……..Why don’t you just prestige already! What a noob

UMP 45 – …… Everyone’s uses it what a noob

MINI-UZI Wow spray and F#$%ing pray! What a noob

RPD- Why don’t you use a real weapon you noob

M21 EBR He obviously has a moded control what a noob

Intervention – Oh Shit!

Riot Shield – Who the F#%$ uses the shield! Noob!

Claymore – (Click) jumps back Shit not again!

Shotguns – A shotgun just ended my F#$%ing kill streak AGAIN! Do you really suck that bad!

Model 1887’s – Who still uses these!

AA12- Auto shotgun F$@%ER!

Painkiller – F#$%ing Painkiller (This is said by at least 1 person every game)


Harrier – Enemy Harrier inbound!

Runs out into the open

Someone shoot that fucking thing down!

*Runs out into the open again

Wow my team sucks!

*Runs out into the open again….


And of course the weapon that makes online play almost unbearable.


Grenade Launcher – Of course I get F#$%ing noob tubed what a F#$%ing noob

Press (X) Respawn

Grenade Launcher – Are you F#$%ing kidding me

Player has left the game



Send me your reactions to getting killed by the various ways to die in MW2 multiplayer and maybe ill make a better updated list.