Is the public ever happy with a political decision that is made? It seems like the public always has something to complain about no matter what the subject maybe.

            During the presidential elections in 2008 the votes of America were astonishingly one sided. It was almost immediately obvious who was going to win, the first black president in the history of the United States of America, Barak Obama. Millions of people were excited to come from all over the country to see Obama take office. Unfortunately within a few months after these events his ratings started to slip. People did not have the same faith in him that they did in previous months even though he was the same guy with the same goals. He did not manage to keep all of the promises that he made during the elections but what president has? There are things that are not revealed at anyone but the president and once that happened he realized that was truly going on. But none the less people were not happy, all they could see was that he did not keep every promise that he made instead of seeing what good things he has done.

            The majority of these complainers however either did not vote or voted without doing much research on the candidates. They did not do the work that is necessary to make a decision that is as big as this one. I do not think that any of these critics would buy a house without looking into the investment first because of the risk of losing a substantial amount of money if they pick poorly. Why then are these people so upset when the president makes a decision that they do not agree with? They are investing their taxes, time, and country into this one vote and if they did not make the right decision then they only have themselves to blame because of their laziness. 

            I feel that the best solution for this problem is to test the voters on how much they know about the candidates. This would help to find the people who know nothing about the candidates or people who know very little. What is going to happen to these people you may ask? Well I think that if they do not have a solid base of knowledge about both of the main candidates then they should be moved. Moved to a place where they can all live together and bicker about how much they do not know. A great location for these types of people would be New Jersey, the home of the Ghettos. These people would fit right in with these muscular people how seem to have pees for a brain. They could spend their days walking the Jersey Shore whining about whatever they pleased and the rest of the country would not have to deal with the headache they create. The true Americans how follow enough politics to vote could have intelligent conversations and would very have to deal with one of those complainers ever again.