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I live in a Co-ed apt with a bunch of women. Being a gay male, this doesn't do much for me. But when one of the girls who doesn't clean up and stinks worse than anything has her drunk ass "Boyfriend" over after cheating on him and making a failed attempt at fixing things. Well lets just say that I fixed things for him and can now say I got more out of that breakup than ever. It's an added bonus that this is what "sickened" you to the point of moving out. So now I get laid nightly by a very "well off" man, have a MUCH better roommate in your place, and since you paid for the entire year before you left we all get a discount on rent! I won't miss you Michelle, but something good had to come out of knowing you.

Dean N. from UVM

My roommate's gf thought it would be a funny prank to put lube on my door handle, I hope that same KY tasted good after I coated your retainer.
Matt B from Fanshawe College

A few friends and I went to a party that a friend of a friend was throwing, but by the time we showed up it had already been busted up by the cops and they (the guys throwing the party) were sending everyone away. My friend and I both had to pee so we asked one of the guys living there if we could use his bathroom. He sent us inside where we were greeted by a total douchebag frat boy who acted like a huge ass towards us. Well this d-bag made the mistake of mentioning that we were using his bathroom so once we shut the door we decided to get some revenge. That revenge was initially just going to be me peeing in his sink, but mid pee I noticed a half empty bottle of brown Listerine (wtf, who actually uses the brown kind anyways) by the sink and decided that I should save him some money by refilling the bottle. I hope you enjoyed freshening your breath with my piss asshole.
Meg O from NCSU

Remember freshman year when you got drunk all the time and came back late at night and woke me up even though you knew I had 8 am classes? And all those times you borrowed money for food (i.e. alcohol) that you never paid back even after promising you would? Well, I remember a certain phone call waking me up at four in the morning during finals week and listening to your panicked, slurring voice on the answering machine saying that you couldn't get back in the dorm because you forgot your keys and ID. It's a shame I was "asleep" when you called. I was kind of hoping campus police might be able to help you out since you were underage at the time and our dorm was conveniently on the main street that goes through campus. It was great lying awake and silently laughing to myself as you stumbled into the room sniffling loudly about forty-five minutes later. That's what you get for being an obnoxious drunk.
Brittany S. from LHU

The fact that my roommate is a big time gamer doesn't really bother me, but anytime a new game comes out, I know for the next 2 or 3 weeks I won't be able to use the TV. But also during that time, my roommate who barely does any work around the apartment does even less. The pile of Coke cans, filth encrusted dishes, and food containers (usually candy) grows exponentially. So during the off chance I can actually watch some TV for a few seconds (before he come home and keeps asking if I am done yet), I have to wade through your pile of garbage. Doing so, I may ACCIDENTALLY knock a controller into a dirty bowl of mac n' cheese. Or flip the batteries around in your controller, or put in random disks. Although nothing pisses you off like lag! After around hour 8 or 9, I open my torrent client and let "Anal Ravager 4" seed for a while – it loads our connection down just enough to hear you rage in the other room.To quote you,"PWND BITCH!" Achievement unlocked: Pissed
Master 1337 Spartan from University of Illinois

Hey ex-roomy/best friend! I didn't mind letting you live with me after you and your husband separated, I felt bad for you. I didn't really mind when you threw your gross smelly socks all over the floor, or when you would watch Hannah Montana for hours on my TV, whatev, shared space. But when you yelled at me for asking for rent because you were "stressed about money", even though you had a full time manager job, and then moved out at the same time as my other roomy and moved into together and then LIED about it to my face? Well, that's just not cool. So I slept with your ex husband. I guess being your maid of honour paid off after all!P.S. I hear that now you and my other old roomy hate each other, and she's kicking you out because she got knocked up and has to move. That's called karma, you stupid bitches.
Anonymous from UofL

There was this extremely annoying guy who lived in dorms that we all hated, and our numerous attempts to get him to piss off failed – he just wouldn't get how much we hated him even though we would tell him to his face. Long story short the message was received when one day while he was napping he, and a fair amount of his possessions, received a bath of 10 guys three week fermented piss via a Febreeze bottle. Should have heeded our warnings Otto
Conor D. from KES

Freshman year I lived on 3rd floor, the 4th floor was all girls. There were a few nice ones (who put out) and a lot of bitchy ones. They would always tell our RA and yell at us for dribbling basketballs in the hall. They would yell at us probably 3-4 times a week. The main two who would complain we found out weren't leaving for thanksgiving until Thursday. Most everyone else was leaving Wednesday morning. So we recorded a basketball bouncing, and put it on a loop for about 10 hours. We put my friends stereo with great bass on the top bunk and had it right next to the ceiling. When we left at about 10am on Wednesday we pushed play. We left but made a trip upstairs to say goodbye to some friends and you could clearly hear it. We left for the holiday, when we came back on Sunday it was still playing. They never said a word about hallway basketball again.
Craig B. from Grand Valley

Where I used to live there was this completely hot girl in the flat above. She may have been hot, but this didn't stop her being a total bitch, and having her boyfriend over blasting music and fucking at 2am, every night. To get her back one day, on her birthday, we took her out in "celebration." Well one night she got completely drunk, we got her to get naked in the bathroom of her flat, and emailed the pictures to her boyfriend. He dumped her, and no more music since. She does ignore us now though.
Jack D. from Kingston University, London, UK

One of my girlfriend's friends is this really load, out of control girl who gets even worse when she's drunk and has a tendency to really bring the mood of a party down. She came to a party at my friends house recently and proceeded to get blind drunk, falling over, screaming, puking, really bringing down the tone. So, I took her phone whilst she was elsewhere and did the old switcheroo – swapping her mum's number with my friend's. He then text her saying 'come home, it's about you dad' and the girl totally lost her shit, began screaming and crying, assuming her dad had cancer or something and then proceeded to get even more drunk. Better still, while we had her phone we sent a few texts out to her friends, ex boyfriends, her mum. But the crown jewel was the one we sent to her grandma 'Hey dad! I wanna suck your cock' as after reading this, her grandma apparently broke down in tears, believing there to be incest in the family. I feel guilty, but she kind of brought it on herself.
J.N. from Edge Hill University

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