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I work as a customer service agent in a call center for a cell phone company. The other a lady calls me and after explaining this new option I added on her plan, unlimited texting, she asks me: But how much would it cost if I go over those unlimited texts? Resulting of over 30 minutes of repeating that it was unlimited over and over.
-Joe P.

I used to work as a receptionist at a music school in Malaysia and was paid below the minimum wage. I didn't mind that until my boss accused me for stealing 200 bucks. 200 bucks! I asked my boss to prove it since they have cameras there and he said he didn't need to because I'm an Indonesian and all Indonesians steal and he fired me on the spot. Racism much?
-Naomi D.

I got fired because my boss saw me reading "Work Sucks, I Know" during my lunch break.

While working at a hotel as a night auditor, I would randomly pull the tape on several of the doors of visiting children on field trips just to be a dick. The best part was in the morning, you could tell which kids were in trouble.
-Joseph B.

I worked at Jamba Juice, which any person who has worked there will tell you they hate. The worst complaint at Jamba Juice is when a customer asks for an orange dream machine or chocolate mood 'thick'. For those unaware, those have no fruit and therefore are insanely hard to make thicker. This customer walks in and orders two dream machines two choc moods thick. We throw in a bunch of ice, make them thicker than usual, and she's not happy. She returned the smoothies about 5 or 6 times because they "weren't thick enough". I got so pissed that i made the thickest smoothie possible. I held it upside down over the counter and said "that gonna work for you?" The smoothie did not budge at all when I turned it over. She took them and left. What i didn't tell her is I put about 7 scoops of fiber in there to make them thick. I'm sure she spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom.
-Wes K.

I work at at dining hall at school, and there's this girl that comes to get food, sits down, and plays Pokémon card games with herself while she eats.
-Ryan G.

In my line of work, its typically sink or swim in the first week or you are gone, I have actually had people start and quit the same day. My boss's boss decided to hire a friend of his into our team. For four months I have been training a guy 20 years older then me how to do his job. Today I started re-training him on things taught to him during the first week. He has a better job title, is paid more, has better benifits, and a third of the goal has anyone else on the team. Tomorrow I think I will start signing his work account up for gay porn and see if that will speed up the process.
-Jim F.

My employer told me I wasn't allowed to come into the office.
-C. S.

I work delivering pizza. The other day, a customer asked me if our 2-liter cokes still had the yellow top. When I told him I didn't know, he said to check because he wouldn't get the yellow tops because they had hebrew letters on them and that the kosher bottles of coke tasted insane. He then proceeded to ask me what day of the week it was.
-Eric N.

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