My granny won't give me a GOD DAMN ride to my job interview at GameCrazy. I already fucking missed the first interview because she was too slow, and I managed to talk them into a 2nd interview and they accepted and now she won't FUCKING TAKE ME because she says I threw a fit the first time and was highly disrespectful. It's fuckin stupid dude, she knows my rap career is gonna take off and she's jealous because I'm gonna roll by her apartment in a Dodge Viper and egg her fucking window until she can't even see out of it. I'm fucking tired of my family and friends always being mean to me. They all doubt my rap career and I think it's bullshit. I bust mad rhymes and I bring the heat, I'ma piss all over yo toilet seat. I kick funky flows and I bring the flames, I'll whip that ass in video games. Oh and to D-Low and Matthew, I'll still jack beer from the store for you guys but I need the weed you owe me. You guys promised me a 5-sack for those 2 cases I stole a long time ago and you still haven't hooked me up. I'm starting to think you don't plan on paying me.