So the other day i was in sheffield on a random trip, and as it turns out random trips often lead to random adventures.


Within the space of 20 minuetes of arriving i had a guy questioning me why we had summer, the only thing i could come up with on such a short attack of randomness was that its the way things are and without it we would all die in winter. After being able to lose him i managed to run into another guy, this time however he was telling me to repent for my sins as the end is ni.


This was all because i decided to wander off and find a mcdonalds because i wanted a milk shake, meanwhile this guy agreed to tell me where it is aslong as i listen to what he had to say, it took 10 minuetes before he finished and then told me he didnt know.


Within 30 odd steps away from that guy i run into a hobo sleeping on a bench while some local kids poke him with a stick, at this point i didnt think things could get anymore random. That was untill i got my milkshake and was relaxing in some park place when a load of people rip there tops off and start dancing around the fountian.


At this point i really thought it was some kind of huge joke that all of the locals where playing, it turns out it wasnt and that it just so happened to have random people who do random things at random times.

After a while i had about an hour to myself before a rainbow of haircolors walked past, this is all true by the way, they all had the craziest color hair ever, at this point i was ready to get the hell out of this place and head home although on the way home i managed to see a pigeon staring at me and had a staing contest with (i lost). When i thought i was safe i saw a load of people with pink hair and cloths stand right next to me the whole train ride home.