Cop #1: (On radio) We are cornering in on the perp right now.

Cop #2: Were gonna get this son of a bitch.

Cop #1: Oh God dammit.

Cop #2: What, what is it?

Cop #1: We lost him…

Cop #2: What do you mean we lost him, he's right there?

Cop #1: Nope, he's completely off my radar. He was outside the cop circle for more than 5 seconds, theres nothing we can do.

Cop #2: What are you talking about, he's coming back, look, a middle aged white Russian immigrant with dark hair and dark eyes, we got this guy!

Cop #1: Officer, are you profiling all Russian immigrants as criminals?

Cop #2: But he was-

Cop #1: -I am shocked and appalled at you racism constable, I thought you of all people were above that.

Cop #2: Look! Now he's carjacking someone. It's the same guy!

Cop #1: I see it too. (Into radio) One star emergency.

Cop #2: One star?! He had six stars the last time, remember?

Cop #1: Nah, this guy's completely different, see? Last time he had an RPG, now he has an assault rifle.

Cop #2: Officer, this is the guy who killed 18 of our friends, we witnessed him destroy 5 cruisers, 2 helicopters and a patriot. You said if you caught him you would personally hang him with piano wire.

Cop #1: I'm gonna proceed on foot, see if this guy will give it up, cover me.

(Cop 1 moves towards Niko Bellic)

Cop #1: Alright, put your hand where I can see em'.

(Niko shoots Cop 1)

Cop #2: Ugh… (Radio) Two star emergency.