College renders myriad drinking experiences for those who choose to partake in partying. Eventually some grow out of their party phase when they’ve reached a certain level of maturity, but I think most have had one too many nights of puking up what they drank that they can’t handle drinking anything anymore, thus their options have run out. 

Such is the case for me and wine; after a low key night of chatting with friends, Madison and I decided to use my fake ID to procure wine for the two of us. We successfully smuggled the bottle of zinfandel into my house and brought it down to my room where we decided to make a drinking game out of the movie “The Princess and the Frog.” With every sip of wine, memories of my Tour de Franzia experience made my body wretch and my stomach churn. Eventually I couldn’t handle anymore wine and went upstairs to grab a chaser.

The rest of our drinking game consisted of me drinking wine out of a straw and being capable of stomaching it thanks to my water chaser. Nights like these offer a poor foreshadowing to my life as an adult and I can only imagine how wine nights will unfold during my adulthood.