Editors note: throw out everything you thought you knew about upstanding grammar before reading these definitions.  Saying these terms does not immediately make you cool.

‘Aight’: a shortened form of the word ‘alright.’  This word sponsors controversy because it is a lazy way of saying a 7 letter word by cutting off two letters.

Example: “After I got beat up recently, I was aight.”

‘Baller’: an outdated term that was never completely cool in the rap community.  Please stop saying it.

Example: “Saying baller makes you sound like an unbelievable douche.”

‘Da’: the basic unit of rapper language; it is commonly used to take the place of ‘the’.  Not to be confused with the Russian word for ‘yes’.

Example: “In da hood,” “In da club,” etc.

‘Dougie’: a relatively new term that has come to mean ‘swag’ or ‘new haircut.’ 

Example: “What the f*** is a dougie?”

‘Homie’: a term usually signifying endearment towards another male.  This is not to be confused with ‘bromance,’ which is a separate bond altogether.

Example: “Guys, what club do I have to go to in order to acquire homies?

‘Ice Cream Paint Job’: a term that generally means a very clean exterior (usually black) and a cream colored interior.  This leaves how the car looks like ice cream unexplained.

Example: “My car looks like an unstable dairy desert! I love my ice cream paint job!”

‘Jays’: a brand of shoes launched by Michael Jordan.  Officially called ‘Jordans.’  Many rappers take immense pride in these shoes.

Example: “You have stepped on my Jays!”

‘Patron’: a name brand Tequila.  This is a popular drink in the club setting.  Not to be confused with ‘patron’, a customer of goods and products.

‘Purple Drank’: often confused with grape juice, Purple Drank is a mixture of Sprite and cough syrup.

‘Pop a Cap’: an intense threat which means to commit assault with a deadly weapon, usually followed by an expletive about one’s mother.

Example: “I am going to pop a cap in your car trunk!”

‘Shorty’: refers to a woman, because women are stereotyped as being shorter on average than males.  This word is not associated with the common playground bully form of the verb.

Example: “Shorty, how can I get into your pants?”

‘Skeet’: See EXPLETIVE. A term still used freely by people that have no idea what it means.