It's amazing just how many things go unnoticed to the typical feeble-minded dumbass (you). Take for instance education. A person endures thousands upon thousands of hours cooped up in child sweatshops mislabled "schools." These fucktastic hellholes brainwash roughly about 99% of its students, teaching them pointless information like how to make "sand in a bucket" or how to play with an oversized parachute with a couple of huge foam balls. But lately, I've realized all along, that I've been a part of that lucky 1%……that one percent that realizes the classroom is designed for 2 things and 2 things only:


#1. Imagining What A Party Would Look Like In The Classroom………its basic human instinct. Once you've had a lick of the party life, your learning/paying attention days are numbered bitch. All your worried about is how you can use that overhead to compose a beer pong list, and how the teacher's desk can be transformed into a flip cup table. Not to mention clearing out the back of the room book closets for a little "one on one" action with that trashy slut you'll be hitting on. Again, human nature.


#2. Conditioning Your Ass……it's common knowledge that most parties are complete italian sausagefests. One of these days it's only to be expected that a few unconditioned dicks will be lead astray resulting in force……force pertaining to access into your hot chili-hole (man or woman). It's times like these where your ass muscles need to be Herculian to the fucking maxxx. Lucky for you, those 18th century wooden desks you just spent the past 20 years fidgeting on sculpted those buns to solid rock. No pledging allegiance to that fag….Not this time.