Broseidon, King of the brocean, father to Brometheus, and all-around total bro, may technically be fictional due to his legend being written by the ultimate Greek author, Bromer. He serves as the main bro-tagonist in the epic Brodyssy, going up against the party-fouling Brodysseus, a fine bro in his own right. Known for sinking cups and sinking ships, Broseidon is the original Greek Bro.

Brobi-Wan Kenobi is a grad from the Jedi University, Temple Campus. After extensive training under the legendary Broda in the Debrogah system, ol’ Brobi went out into the galaxy to use his hand tricks on all the ladies. This bro trademarked the hoodie look a long long time ago, but still rocks it like he knows what's up. And that's because he does. 

The classic Cubist Pabro Picasso is a more recent addition, but his bro-spirational works make him a shoo-in. Known for chilling with Andy Brohol and Vincent Van Bro, Pabro was all about altering perceptions through inebriation and squares. After all, who can deny the legend who once said, “Give me a keg and I’ll fill it. Or a museum. Whichever. Maybe a keg at the museum? Yeah, let’s do that one.”

A master of discovery, Marco Brolo single-handedly found Brozill, Brotugal, and the Bronited States of Bromerica.  He invented the telescoping bong, the finest in portable beverage containers. Most importantly, he didn’t just replace country prefixes with “Bro,” he conquered places then renamed them. Sure, he wasn’t “ethical” or “legit,” but come on, don’t be that guy that brings that up. Besides, at the end of the day, it’s a bro’s world. Everyone else is just living in it.