I know carmel is not a word but it is how some people pronounce caramel. They don’t pronounce the “a”. When this debate occurs it’s usually solved with a “whatever, same thing, no difference”. I think I found the difference.

Caramel, with the “a” pronounced, is creamy. It can be found in Twix bars or Milky ways or smothered over a delicious candy apple sprinkled with nuts, like the one pictured below:













Now, caramel or carmel, the one that lacks the pronunciation of the “a”, is completely different. This one can be plural. Yes, tack an “s” on the end and you get carmels. You can’t do that with the other one, it sounds wrong. Carmels look like this:










So, carmels are chewy, and caramel is creamy. That settles most arguments…except for one. How do you say caramel popcorn? It’s not creamy or chewy. It is crunchy. It’s barely a real topping, it’s more of a glaze. This is carmel.

Well, so settles another candy themed argument. The one exception to either of these rules is Carmel. In this word, the “mel” is emphasized. Now you’re probably thinking…”Hey, what is that? I’ve never heard of that before.” Well, I’m not surprised. This one is only used when talking about Carmel Bouchman.














He’s a 6’8” basketball player for the Temple Owls from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sorry, that last paragraph was completely unnecessary.