Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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My mom just spent 10 minutes trying to get a CD out of the computer. She would right click and hit "open," then would look at CD drive not opening, X out of the CD files that just opened, then right click and repeat again and again. She said open and eject are synonymous and it should have worked.
Adam F

My mom just got my dad an iPad for his fantasy baseball. He has it working for the most part, except when he goes back to his laptop at home now he tries to touch the screen to move and click. I’ll see him with his finger on the screen, I will stare for a minute and say, “Hey dad, what are doing?” He looks at me, confused for a second, then realizes what he’s doing.
Stacey S from ycp

Today, I taught my mom how to play movies on my PS3. Not only did she refuse to believe the start button was used to pause the movie, but she wrote down everything I said as if it were a recipe.
Carlos R.

I set my dad's email up as his homepage at his office. Now, when he is home, he thinks that he can't look at his email because it "only goes to his office."
Matt A from RU

My parents were convinced the first 5 minutes of Red Dead Redemption was a movie.
Ryan M

My mom asked me if text messages could get the busy signal.
Daniel Zoll

My mom just recently got a new phone that came with a plastic covering over the place where the charger is plugged in. She is always paranoid about the flap being left open because she thinks the charge will seep out if it isn't.
Maraya Wafont from Vanderbilt University

My mom thought that, to get music on your ipod, you had to come to the apple store with a list of all the songs you wanted and that "they would put them on for you."
Ady P

The other day my mom asked me where she could buy an urbandictionary…
Ali Ridhwan from Sri KDU

My dad asked if our internet would be faster if he put exclamation points at the end of website addresses.
Reginald Dawson

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