I hear a lot of guys complaining these days about how cold it is and how they wish it was warmer.  I can only laugh at these guys.  Winter is great and here is why:

5.  Snow…more accurately, a snowman plowing a snowwoman from behind.  Isn't art beautiful?

4.  It's too cold to go anywhere…At first this sounds like a bad thing, but think about it guys.  You don't have to waste $40 at the bar buying drinks for you and some girl.  You can waste $15 on a 30 pack  for you and some girl from the comfort of your couch.  Add in the cost of a DVD rental and you have a drunk girl in your apartment who loves that you think "The Notebook" is a good movie (not true).  Jackpot!!!

3.  Your balls do not stick to your leg…Any man who has been in 90 degree heat with humidity will appreciate this.  When it's cold outside you can always put on warmer clothes to get warm.  If it's active-volcano hot outside, you can be butt naked sitting in front of an oscillating fan and your little buddies still cling to your thighs like a newborn pup to a mother's tit.

2.  THO…We all love that moment when you get to class and the hot girl who sits in front of you takes off her coat, and is wearing a T-shirt.  Bless her heart!

1.  Women hate cold weather…Bear with me.  This is not because we hate women by transitive property.  It is because women are freezing, even when it is like 70 degrees out.  When it goes below freezing, staying warm becomes high priority.  Men generally are not as bothered by cold.  Women would rather spoon with their guy to stay warm than put on more clothes (again bless their hearts).  It is a proven scientific fact that male/female spooning leads to sex nearly 100 percent of the time.  There you have it.  We can use cold weather to help us get laid more often.