There are many average, normal people who do amaing things and aren't recognized for it. Well, now those people are getting recognized.

Cleavage girl.
We all have this kind of friend. Whether you know her in real life or on facebook she's the best.
She's the girl who always wears a loose, low cut shirt. Her facebook profile picture is always a self shot, camera above head thing that she is actually meaning to point at her breasts. This girl loves attention and the fact people are giving it to her. She doesn't care how she gets the attention. She's not posing naked or in a bikini. She's simply showing the top of her breasts.
Everyone loves this girl. She usually has around 500 facebook friends half of which she "knows" 100 of which she talks to.

Instant message spammer.
Them- Hey 7:52
You- Hey 7:54
Them- Wats up??? 7:54
Them- ? 7:54
You- Not much, yourself? 7:56
Them- Jus chillin 7:56
Them- Like a villin 7:57
Them- Strawberry fillin 7:58
Them- You their(they never use the proper homonym) 8:00
Them- Guess what? 8:10
You- Oh, what? 8:14
Them- nothing, just seeing if you'd answer =) 8:14
You- Oh. Ok. 8:16
Them- Wat r u doing? 8:16
You- Has just gone offline. 8:16