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My cousin gave me a black eye once. He did it because I wouldn't stop making fun of him, for thinking that Kirby was a Pokemon.

I went over to a friend's house after school one day in 6th grade because he found his older brother's stash of Playboys. It was my first time seeing a naked woman. When I got home, my brother was in the basement playing our brand new N64 that my parents went out and bought that day but didn't tell me about. I was pissed that I missed out on one hour of playing N64 to look at my first set of boobs.

I once ended up in the emergency room with an IV for dehydration after playing Dance Dance Revolution for six hours on an 85 degree day.

My entire party died during a WoW raid, right as we got to the last boss. I was so mad that I punched my monitor. It went out, and I had just initiated the fight. I had all my macros memorized and won it blind. Best night ever.

In high school, my friends and I got kick out of the school library on a Friday night because our game of Risk was taking too long. We continued the game in the back of my truck until it got too dark.

While out to a movie with one of my friends, I looked up in the theater's lobby to see a huge replica Star Trek starship hanging from the ceiling. I mistook it for Voyager at first and asked my friend if there was a Voyager movie coming out. He had no idea. Then I realized my mistake and said, "Nevermind, that's the Enterprise." When he asked me how I could tell, I pointed at the ship's registration number and said, "NCC-1701-E. That's definately the Enterprise."

I quit smoking weed in high school to have more money to spend on Warhammer 40k.