I have trouble listening on the telephone due to not being able to hear clearly (Ans: The reception I get is always  poor.)

People complain that I have the TV or radio up too loud (Ans: I like to think I’m at a club.)

I have trouble following conversations when two or more people are talking at once (Ans: I think I might have ADD.)

I have trouble hearing conversations in noisy places like malls and restaurants, etc (Ans: I can’t hear them because I’m too busy complaining about hipsters in my vicinity.)

I have difficulty knowing where sounds are coming from (Ans: Because I have my bluetooth earphone on is why.)

Many people seem to mumble (Ans: Finally! Something we can agree on!)
I have trouble understanding conversation when women or children are speaking (Ans: This is a hearing check survey, right? We’re not questioning my chauvinistic nature, right? I have another survey in my pile of surveys for that problem.)

I respond incorrectly because I misunderstand what others are saying (Ans: They mumble!)

I avoid social activities (Ans: This has nothing to do with my hearing, but with my hatred towards our civilization.)

My family/friends have suggested that I have my hearing checked (Ans: Yes. Yes, they have.)