Have you heard about Pet Airways? It's an airline that allows your pet to fly to your destination without being traumatized and stuck underneath the plane with the cargo. Only pets fly on this plane and they sit in the cabin just like passengers.  I think it would be extremely entertaining to witness this considering it would be mostly for dogs. 

"Our flight time is approximately 2.5 hours today and your in flight movie is "Picture of Raw Meat on Screen for 90 minutes".  "Please keep all of your paws in your own aisle and keep barking to a dull roar."  Just picture the flight attendants wheeling a cart up and down the aisles, "Baxter that is your fourth biscuit, you need to save biscuits for all of the other dogs".  "The pilot has turned off the fasten seat belt sign and you are now able to roam the cabin and sniff the asses of other dogs."  How would the flight attendant explain the safety features of the plane?  "Listen Harley, you're in the emergency exit row, in case of an actual emergency please stay calm.  Do not bark and do not wag your tail."  "No no no Daisy your floatation device is under your seat, not the seat in front of you…yes next to your bone."  "This is a completely No Biting flight.  Tampering with, disabling, or destroying the muzzles located on your mouths is prohibited by law."