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My ex of five years told me that I couldn't go to a concert with him because his new girlfriend would be there, and if I came she would "feel like the third wheel". This was three years after he and I broke up.


In high school, whenever I brought home my girlfriend, my mom suddenly left the house to run errands for hours at a time. My girlfriend thought my mom hated her. I think I have the best mom ever.

-Chris F.

After dating for over a year my girlfriend broke up with me stating that we were too different. After a while I started dating a new girl who was pretty cool. When my ex-girlfriend found out she showed up at my door one night saying she can't stop thinking about me and breaking up was the biggest mistake of her life. So I took her back and broke things off with the other girl. That was last week. Today, she broke up with me again stating that we were too alike. That was fun.


When my current girlfriend and I just started hanging out and getting to know each other, she told me she had had a child with her previous boyfriend. Her 13 year old "brother" was actually her son. It wasn't until a half hour and numerous questions later that she told me it was a joke. Now she'll never live it down.


Once, while having sex with my ex girlfriend from behind, her stupid little dog licked my ass. I hated that dog up until that point. Now…I kind of miss it.


I just recently started having sex with my female roommate…ipso facto I now live with my girlfriend. Shit…


This Week’s, “Let me guess, ‘your’ ‘fayling’ high-school English” Award goes to:

So me and this girl really liked each other for a while, and we aknowledged it, but she felt wierd with public affection and stuf, so we were in this secret kind of relationship, so at first when we first started one of her friends would be with us, and we'd always be under the covers so they wouldn't notice what we were doing, so then after a while it all didn't matter, all her friends ended up finding out about us, the wired thing is it wasn't until they found out that we ended up breaking up. so I don't know I guess it was the rush of keeping it a secret thy kept us together…I don't know.