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After an all-nighter of Halo 3, I decided to play a little 1v1 with my twelve-year-old daughter. After 30 minutes of her killing me with the needler and tea-bagging me, I finally snapped. I grounded her for a week and forbid her from going to her friend's birthday party.

I used to get shot down by a lot of girls when I explained what my rebel alliance and galactic imperium tattoos meant. Now I tell them they're alternate symbols for yin and yang.

I am a FIFA maniac. After playing '09 for about a year, I thought I was ready for '10. I bought the game and started manager mode immediately. After a grueling week of league and cup matches, developing players and ruthless trades, I faced lowly Wigan for the second to last game of the season. They were in 15th place, and I didn't take them seriously. After losing 4-2, I turned off my xbox, went in my room and cried.

I just told a girl who was flirting with me that I was going to sleep, and then I watched the Nerf episode of Bleep Bloop.

When me and my boyfriend broke up, I wasn't so much sad about the fact that he had stopped loving me. I was sad that we were about to go into Rome at the end of Assassin's Creed 2 on his PS3, and that I would never know the ending to the game.

I not only own the Halo Encyclopedia, I own every Halo novel.

When I was 8, I went to a summer daycare program. I spent every second there playing "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons" on my Gameboy Color. One day, the staff made me leave it in my cubby when we went to play outside. When the staff member that was supposed to be watching the stuff inside went to the bathroom, some kid came in and stole some loose change and my gameboy color. I spent the rest of the summer depressed. I hardly ate anything or talked to anyone. It still pisses me off to this day.

Last night I made a dream about being the first 10th Prestige on Call of Duty: Black Ops. When I woke up, I had a boner.