Step 1: Choose a small city or far-flung region, preferably one that no one would think of going to otherwise.

Step 2: Choose a major export, attraction or notable fact from that city or region.

Step 3: Combine the answer from Step 2 with any kind of animal. Literally any animal will do, it doesn't matter.

Here are some examples:

The Boise Potato Hens.

The Sheboygan Cheese Monkeys.

The New Hampshire Granite Manatees.

The Hawaii Coffee Dolphins.

The Lancaster Amish Ducks.

The Kentucky Bourbon Snakes.

The Newport News Tobacco Cats.

The Pensacola Swamp Wolves.

The SLC Mormon Squirrels.

The New Mexico Hot Air Ballon Crickets.

The Montana No Speed Limit Tigers.

The Canton Football Hall of Fame Owls.