The street leading to number 69 Lique Lane was quiet, calm and reflective. The dark stillness crept about like a friendly lemur. 69 Lique Lane was marked by quaint little houses the likes of which would make Jimmy Carter himself vomit with pulchritude. It was a sleepy town, made famous by their self-patented, “Open ended cul-de-sac”. But one house, one in particular, would house one of the treasures of the world. The lethargic Lique lithosphere was torn asunder by the earth shattering din of a giant segway, 
The segway thundered down and landed. Obviously he wasn’t a resident on Lique Lane. The person who got off was a mammoth in his midget-ry. The midget was carrying something in one hand, swathed in a warm looking blanket. From the distant two faint raspberry like sounds could be heard breaking through the night. Two people had emerged from the wind, one a towering, slender figure with an immeasurable handlebar mustache. The other, a tight lipped woman. Both were wearing muumuus. 

They reached the midget and the first spoke, 

“Hello Hagard, I see you have young Celeste. Very good” the man said in a raspy, smoky voice.

“Thank you Professor!” Hagard spoke in his high pitched voice, “I just picked her up! You should have seen the house, it was such a frightful mes-”

“Look, I really don’t care. I have this party back at the castle and I got chose to be the Pigpimple Pimp. Can we speed this up or what?”

“Sorry Professor Theo” Hagard grumbled. He then shuffled off and dumped the kid on top of the doorstep to number 69 Lique Lane. He walked back to face the other two professors, a sulky look on his face.

Professor Theo C. Spendekas peered down at young Celeste. “Keep your pimp hand strong, Celeste” he said and walked away. He looked at the woman, from head to toe. He extended his arm to her, “Care to be my Hoe of Honor?”

The uptight professor just rolled her eyes and took his arm. Theo did a coy finger-gun gesture at Hagard and the two vanished on the spot. 

The midget sulked his shoulders down low, and let out a deep sigh. He hopped on his magical segway and started to take off. He glanced back momentarily, a solitary tear rolling down his face, and then he collided into something! There was a sick, squelching noise as the magical segway would not be so easily deterred from his path and continued to run over the obstacle. He pulled over sharply and went to look at what he hit. 

“Tim” Hagard said as he looked at the bright blue WalCo vest the pederast wore. He shrugged his shoulders and was off into the night.

And back on the doorstep of 69 Lique Lane was Celeste Planter, the girl who saved the Webster World, the Girl Who Spelled.