I have gathered a few ways to improve collegehumor.

1. Implement a penis joke into every ch original.
2. Implement a rule ensuring all user submitted videos must have a penis joke.
3. Sarah Schneider gets naked.
4. Tie up Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld.
5. Buy HD webcam.
6. Start Jake and Amir 24/7 live feed.
7. Have entire section devoted to rated r material and not just keywords/tags.
8. Sarah Schneider gets naked.
9. Josh's mindhouse starts being funny.
10. Have entire section devoted to pictures and videos of cats doing funny things.
11. Name afformentioned section with a double entendre about vaginas and the uncommon name for felines.
12. Sarah Schneider gets naked.
13. Start a canadian college humor.
14. Let me run collgehumor.ca
15. Fire me from collegehumor.ca because you later realized I am only 14, but also a threat to the United States college humor due to me being intelectually superior and funnier.
16. I branch off the large amount of success in the small time I had at collegehumor.ca, and star in a movie with Megan Fox.
17. I complain about how ugly Megan Fox is and how bad of an actor she is.
18. Megan Fox is replaced by Emma Stone.
19. Extreme fame from my movie and the inevitable sequels get to my head.
20. I start snorting coke.
21. After a year of my addiction and 12 disney movies I was in I get sent to rehab after I get caught driving drunk and hit a pedestrian.
22. I get released from rehab a changed person and have a reality show on TLC.
23. Get sent back to rehab.
24. Get out of rehab.
25. Sarah Schneider gets naked.