Every week I'll be choosing my favorite poll question from the Jerry Springer website and giving an extended answer to it. I will choose the question based on pertinence to our society and if I have a strong opinion regarding the results. Here is my personal favorite from this week:

A: If this hasn't crossed your mind in the past twenty four hours then you are obliged to enlighten the rest of us plain folk. We all ponder this topic, and some of us even need to go on television to discuss it. Whether you walk in on them, or you find out from your cousin because he or she is heart broken your father didn't choose their womb to bear children with, this is a situation we all come across in this journey of life. For me, it was my mother marrying my turtle, which caused me to ask the question; if your mother marries your turtle, does that make her your pet? For me, the answer was yes, which is why I have to go ahead and disagree with this poll's results. Although 'yes' came in a close first runner-up with 42% of the votes, it lost. I'm not one to go against what I'm told, but this is ludacris-ocracy. Marriage is when two become one and enter into each other's family. In this case, the two are already family, so they become double family. Your brother and sister are now married, and congratulations on the new brother! I think the only real question left here is this: When your brother (previously your father) and sister have children, are they your siblings or are they your nieces and nephews? That can get confusing when sending out Christmas cards, and introducing them to your own children and explaining their relationship to each other. It all depends on the family, and their affairs.