One reason I love songs is because they provide infinite wisdom.  But, like any religion or traffic law, there are exceptions.  Here are a few of those rare instances where lyrical advice should be ignored.

LYRIC – " If Your Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands"

I am a strong believer in this one. If I win a prize, catch a fish, or kick a field goal, I know that I'm happy and I'm gonna clap it up. It feels good and it lets me express this goodness.

Staring at your niece midway through Grandpa's funeral cures your 5-year bout with impotence. Here you might want to hold back and just go with the mental clap.

LYRIC – " Blame it on the Rain"
Hey, your in a bad mood, you can't find your keys, and you just stubbed your toe – look outside! It must be the rain. Tough times and rain always seem to find each other, right? – It's a nice convenient excuse to relieve some stress – and it's kinda silly too – which keeps you young.