Had a really weird/confussing dream lately? Feel free to email me your dreams :)
(The following dreams are from some of my mates, as this is the first article)

I had a dream of what it would be like if i carried on being a emo,
had snake bites and septum pierced, black hair like backcombed, got into loads heavier music, got drunk alot. It was weird.

I can remember one where i was having sex with two guys straight after each other, and then getting pregnant by both and had weird babies.

I was playing on COD (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfere 2) then I was acturally in the real life COD, getting harriers, and at the end I thought it would be fancy to finish the game with a nuke…. I am just glad i work up at the last second!

Me and 2 other friends was fighting off aliens on a bridge with just shotguns, and then out of nowhere a giant robot of my other friend came and hit the UFO out of the sky….