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My long-time girlfriend and I conceived our child while watching Star Wars: A New Hope.

I wear three watches with alarms when I go on intense gaming binges. The alarms are set to go off at noon, 6pm and midnight, so I remember when to eat and sleep.

One time I caused a huge fight between me and my girlfriend so she wouldn't call me or text me during the all-day Pokemon cartoon marathon. Best day ever!

In high school, I once lost 15 lbs during Christmas break because all I did was play videogames.

I played FFVII like 10 years ago. One time I was using the cure spell and recharging my party using ethers. I accidentally gave someone an ether, then used the spell, wasting 6mp. I still regret how wasteful I was that day.

My ex-girlfriend used to complain that I played Halo 3 too much. In order to get her off my back, I taught her how to play well enough so that I could use her as bait.

Whenever I'm going out somewhere, whether it be with friends or something else, I get my boyfriend to level my WoW character for me, so I don't fall behind on my leveling progress.

When Halo 3 came out, I was first in line out of 300 people at the Gamestop near my college. The University news crew showed up and took a picture of me buying the first Legendary Edition. It was on the front page of the paper the next day. Every girl I ever wanted to bang saw that paper.