When I heard Walmart's prices were rising and thus making it no longer a 'discount' store, I began to panic. Where else shall I buy my school supplies, and Big Macs? One answer: Japanese Walmart.

Daiso, a "100 Yen/Dollar store", has played pivotal role in the discount good industry in Japan, and has recently expanded it's network of stores into the United States. Although lacking electronic's, and other high-priced goods that Walmart stores carry, Daiso's success lies in it's simple and space-saving household organization products, bringing the competition against Walmart's collection of house-hold goods. Walmart isn't exactly a dollar-store, but sometimes you wish would have have spent those extra dollars at the dollar-store instead on that $9.99 microwave, which may or may not have exploded in your kitchen.

We've come to expect nifty things from the Japanese; Prius',and Pokemon, being some of the few obsessions that have infatuated us here in the West, but like the latest generation of Pokemon there are just some products that make you scratch your head and say: WTF?

These products were found on the shelves of our local Daiso Store. My friend Matt and I bought the Goose toy, and hopefully we shall do an un-boxing of it later this week.

Note: There was no McDonalds or Sushi Bar in the Daiso Store that we went to.