Writer:  "Hey i have a great new idea for a show"


Producer: "Ok lets hear it."


Writer: "So this guy breaks up with this psycho girlfriend and finds this awsome girl like the next day. He knows that his ex would probably hurt somone so he has to keep his new potential girlfriend a secret and we'll call it "secret girlfriend."


Producer: "Sounds pretty good."


3 weeks later…


Producer: "Hey so we crunched the numbers and you'll have to get rid of one one of the characters. I'd suggest either one of the best friends and since the guy who had the lead role just dropped, you could easily make one of them the main character."


Writer: "That's a horrible idea. How about we take out the main character and replace him with the camera guy."


Producer: "So ur saying we replace the guy we already have with a camera man?"


Writer: "No i mean make the camera angle the main character. Get rid of boring dialog  and all and tell the viewers that they're the star of the show."


Producer: "So how does that work? Do the viewers get to the vote on what the main character does or what?"


Writer: "Ha. Lame. That's way too much work. All the camera guy has to do is either shake the camera yes or no while they just go along with the crazy antics his youtube video making friends get into while they try to have a relationship with the new girl."


Producer: "Ok so technically we'll tell them they're the star but they make and have no influence in what "they" do on the show?


Writer: "How can i make it any clearer?"


Producer: "So what if the viewer is a girl?"


Writer: "Hello. Is this show not on Comedy Central?"