You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Greetingz from the Future!
Stranger: hello
You: How is the pre-neopangean world, friend?
Stranger: well, it's ok
Stranger: what year you have?
You: Wonderful! Tell me, are you of the pre-gill or post-gill era of man?
You: The numbers in your primitive Arabic numerical system won't allow me to express that.
Stranger: oh damn…
Stranger: will it be end of world in 2012?
You: Not the "end", obviously, but a shift in paradigms.
Stranger: ah
You: If my ancient Pepsistory serves me right, that is right before the invasion of the Venusian skin-eating tribe.
Stranger: oh no!
You: Do you have skin, friend?
Stranger: sure
Stranger: i'm a human
Stranger: what are you?
You: Oh, well…
You: Act like a "fish". "Fish" exist in this time period, correct?
Stranger: yes
You: I'm a human, too.
You: Well, not like you.
You: More like a pan-dimensional being whose fabric is composed of the synapses of a thousand universes.
You: But we call ourselves humans, too.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: so tell me something about futurer
Stranger: future*
You: Well, we have new colors.
Stranger: can you show me one?
You: Not with your human eyes, I couldn't.
You: Has the magma of your planet dried up yet?
Stranger: i don't think so
You: Well, imagine ingesting that that through your tear ducts.
You: That's kind of what new-brown is like.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: how europe looks in your future?
You: Europe?
Stranger: yes
You: Oh, you mean Obamopolis!
Stranger: no no
Stranger: Europe
Stranger: e-u-r-o-p-e
You: Has it not been reclaimed by the Great Redeemer in the Obamacolypse yet?
Stranger: no
Stranger: it's still europe
You: Oh, so it's still uncleansed.
You: Well, they got rid of Scandanavia.
You: It was deemed too "weird and phallic" so it was just chopped off.
Stranger: that's bad
You: No, they just became Iceland-II.
You: Until the First-First Lunar War came…
Stranger: what is lunar war?
You: You're better off not knowing, perhaps the Great Sage Kucinich has not yet found the tablets atop Kilimanjaro.
You: Oh, I must be going, friend; my future bus has just arrived at the Intergalactic Free Clinic.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: nice conversation ;p
You: I love you.
You have disconnected.