Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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My grandfather bought a fax machine and asked us to fax something over as a test run. We quickly wrote a short message for him and faxed it to him. He called us back saying, "Oh, you use the same paper I use!"
Sabrina H from Syracuse University

Today my mom asked me if I was able to use Google Earth. I said, "Yeah, why?" She then asked me to use it to check to see how bad traffic on Route 15 was today.
Nathan Heeter

My dad was helping me prepare a cover letter for an application. When I finished, I told him I needed to scan my signature to put on the cover letter, but he insisted that I could sign my name using a stylus and the touchpad on my laptop like he does at the grocery store and told me my laptop was broken when it didn't work.

When the iPad came out, my Dad's only problem with it was that it didn't have a phone jack, so you can connect to the internet through a landline. Just in case.
Nonya Business

My mother just asked me to copy a 40 page lease. She printed her lease from an attachment on the computer. She then yelled at me when I asked her if she could just print it again. Apparently she didn't know how to open with Microsoft Works.
What the Eff from UCD Ireland

I was talking to my mom, who was pissed because she had spent 3 hours on a document for work and couldn't remember what she saved it as. I asked her if she had checked my recent documents… Until last week my mom had no clue that that tab existed.
Danny K

I recently moved to Vienna, Austria for a semester as an exchange student and had made an agreement with my mom, that we would use Skype as a means of communication during the semester. One of the first days after arriving she texted me, writing that she had logged on to Skype, asking me if I would like to talk. I logged on to Skype, but quickly noticed that she wasn’t online (needs to be mentioned, that she had used Skype before and had received thorough instructions by my brother several times). I texted her back, writing I couldn’t see that she was online. A few minutes later she called me on my Danish phone (meaning insane roaming charges for the both of us) asking for help. It turned out her “logging” on to Skype meant opening her browser and typing “”.
Kenneth Lauge Madsen from Aarhus School of Business, Denmark

My mother just asked me if it was safe to use her laptop while soaking her feet in water. Apparently she was afraid that the laptop would somehow electrocute her if her feet were wet. No matter how I assured her that laptops don't work that way, she still wasn't reassured. So her solution? She unplugged the laptop, because that would make it "safer", and then used it while soaking her feet.
Some Person

My mom recently found out about all of the funny and entertaining videos on youtube. I recommended a few for her to watch and then went about my business. Half an hour later I walked into the kitchen and found her sitting there with a frustrated look on her face. I asked her, "What videos did you watch?" Her response was, "None. I dont like that youtube thing. I couldn't even get to the videos because it was asking me what my birthday was and it wanted the last four digits of my social security number. I decided it wasn't a good idea to tell that to someone I don't know personally." After commending her for her wise decision, I found that she had closed the window. To this day i have no idea what website she was actually on or how she got there from youtube.
Kyle B from Arizona State University

I was in Blockbuster the other day with my friend's mom helping her look for a movie. I asked her if she had "blu-ray" at home she replied "No but we have strawberries".
Candy B

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