Iv'e watched allot of tv over the years, especially with the end of term. And it just dawned on me that most of the characters from my favourite shows always seem so far up their own arse wrapped up in their own problems always supplying negative vibes, would it not be fun every now in then if some of the characters just chilled out and played a prank on one another every now and then or just made a joke or two?

In 'Lost' I could imagine some amusement if Kate took a shit in the newly discovered hatch toilet only to discover that the flush doesn't work and Jack walking in and the two of them sharing an awkward moment..rather than the crap that was offered to us all those years ago in the form of a somewhat tedious 'sexually charged' shower scene, where she mentions the water smelling like sulpher….it should smell like that because she took a dump and possibly dodgy piping has caused her to bathe in her own faeces.

In 'Life on mars' would it not be more funny if Sam took a bit more of advantage of the fact he has future and use it more to his advantage rather than wasting it all in puns the viewer can understand…would he rather not gamble on famous ball games and win loads of cash so rather than risking his life with escapades with the violent Gene Hunt he could just sit in his newly acquired mansion eating swan and drinking tab. Cracking one off to a still fresh Barbara Windsor.